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Say no to plastic and paper shopping bags

>> Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Once upon a time people carried their satchels and bags on their shopping trips.  Then plastic was invented and we were pushed into thinking that grocer supplied bags meant convenience. It is really unfortunate that we have come a long way with this "convenience".

Having realized its impact on our lives, a select few started looking for solutions and are trying to spread awareness. I came across this petition and wanted to show the lack of interest for such serious issues among general population.

The Petition: Ask retailers to stop-using-plastic-bags

There have been many such requests, crusades and petitions which have gone unheard. I agree that this is not the only problem plaguing us today. We need to start somewhere and this is the easiest change we could make and make a huge difference in the way we treat our planet.

Video source: youtube

We don't have a choice anymore. Being conscious and making sensible decisions is the only way out.

You make a difference too
Make sure you carry a decent sized bag with you and refuse a plastic bag at the billing counter. A small effort and  may be one bag at a time, and you will walk out of the store with a feeling of having done something right. Eventually, this will grow on you and you would have gone "green". Also, please stop asking for extra bags and don't justify that you use it to throw garbage out. Garbage doesn't decompose when enclosed in plastic bags. It only adds to toxic gas emissions.

Retailing giants are trying to do their bit by asking you to pay for the bag, it is not to see if you can "afford" it, but to cure consumers of their plastic bag addiction.

Giving this point a thought means a lot to our planet. Come to think of it, the planet doesn't need us to save it. By doing our bit, we are keeping our hopes alive to see another generation survive on this green planet.

Video source : youtube


Anonymous 10 December 2009 at 03:21  

Plastic garbage bags... You have a good point there... garbages in plastic bags do not decompose!
Even villages in India are getting into the habit of buying plastic garbage bags. My mind only searches a way to spread this message loud and clear.

sudha 10 December 2009 at 03:35  

Quite true....I get very depressed when I see all this and am constantly requesting people to think twice ..but am still struggling to get my message across. i hope you find way to spread the message around and let me know if we can do something together.

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