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Managing skeptics

>> Sunday, 13 December 2009

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If you know some one who majorly argues that

  • climate change is inevitable and thats what has happened over billion years of earth's existence 
  • or that nothing can be done about non-biodegradable debris floating in the oceans . 

Just shake them up to make them see sense, and tell them..that though climate change has been cyclic over the last million hasn't been as rapid as it has been in the last two decades.

I know I am sounding too hostile in this post...but it is no longer a matter where we can spare these fools from waking up to reality. It is getting tougher to tackle these M*r*ns who are all out to display their pseudo intelligence.Will they wake up only when their own body is afflicted with some form of irreversible health issue? or will they bang their heads to the wall when they realise that their new born has some health issue because of all the moronic choices they made over the years?

Let them continue being as ignorant as they are and increase risk of breast and prostate cancer, genital abnormalities in male babies, infertility in men, early puberty in girls, Type-2 diabetes, and many more helaht issues thanks to all toxins seeping into the eco system.

More than saving the world from "things"..We better save the planet from these pests....


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