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"SAVE SEAWOODS LAKE " - Join in to fight for a cause!

>> Wednesday, 2 December 2009

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Many of us are in our pursuit to make this world a better place. Ms Rajee Sood is one such talented blogger who writes about design, lifestyle and photography. This time around she has written about a very serious environmental issue and I had to spread the word around.

Please do visit her blog and read more on the Crusade to Save Seawoods lake in Mumbai.

Imge source: Save Seawood lake group on facebook

Vested interests have made this place a landfill to come up with residential/ commercial real estate development. Which is going to ruin the eco-system in this area. If you thought that loosing one lake wouldn't harm the planet..please read more about the earth and increase your awareness. It is depressing to see a beautiful lake being encroached for  short term profitable venture. Also, let us not forget all the additional pressure on the city in terms of the waste management and amenities such as waster, electricity etc.

Remember....Environmental damage does not happen in isolation, it affect us in entirety irrespective of where we live. Let us try and do what we can! Join the effort to save this lake.


Rajee Sood 20 December 2009 at 00:05  

Hi Sudha,
I wanted to let you know I acknowledged your efforts on Save Seawoods Lake group wall ... do check it out and join in with your comments and suggestions ... we need to make some noise on the group wall ... people think being silent members is fine ... guess we need a little bit more than that ... hope you'll join me ...

sudha 20 December 2009 at 02:00  

Hi rajee
I did ee all the comments coming in for that post..this post of mine is linked to the post in your blog..:)

I have been sending out mails and requesting friends to give me leads to any source which could help this project...I will join right away

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