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Eco friendly Printer - Not really

>> Thursday, 2 December 2010

A friend sent out a group mail with ten eco friendly/green living ideas. One of them was a printer which doesn't need paper or ink. This is how it works-
Company creates a desktop printer that doesn't use ink nor paper

Who says printers only use paper to print documents? It's time for you to meet the PrePeat Printer then. Different from conventional printers, PrePeat adopts a thermal head to print on specially-made plastic sheets. These plastic sheets are not merely water-proof, but could be easily erased, just feed the sheets through the printer again, and a different temperature will erase everything or just write over it. Also claimed by the manufacturer, such one sheet could be used up to 1,000 times so that you'll reduce your expenses on paper for sure."

My take!! - Why isnt this a green solution?...
A very important matter of concern - The plastic sheets used to print and erase content. Inventor(s) needs to work on that part of the major peeve being, the printer itself is made of plastic, whatever the lifespan of the appliance, it is going to end up as tiny immortal bits of plastic floating across some place in the world...hmm.. i am really hoping that i am not the only one who wants to think green or eco sense as a holistic approach


Sathya 2 December 2010 at 06:27  

yeah, there is still plastic in it. :-(
But the idea is good & need more tuning!

Sudha 2 December 2010 at 12:20  

true is a nice shift from using valuable paper...but the idea def needs to be worked on

Daniel 30 December 2010 at 04:43  

Thank you so much for sharing.........
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shepson 25 May 2011 at 05:10  

Thanks for sharing!!
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