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World Environment Day - June 5th

>> Saturday, 5 June 2010

My grandfather used to quote from the Ancient Hindu texts. He always mentioned how we need to respect Mother Earth for supporting life, and also appreciate her for being the patient Mother that she is.

Bhoodevi or Bhoomadevi, as Mother Earth is called (Sanskrith/hindi/tamil/telugu etc), is said to have tremendous amount of tolerance and patience.(How else would she bear the weight of all that is loaded on her, and put up with really horrible children (humans) who care nothing about her well being, and still do what she does...!!). Just because someone is tolerating, does not mean that we take them for granted? I am sure she is fed up of her Human population. We all know that she is responding in her own way. (I do not want to reiterate issues, we all are very aware of them.)

It is time for some concrete action and stop hiding behind - "What Can I Do?" or worse - "My irresponsibility doesn't make a difference"

Environmental issues are as pertinent as the Drug mafia, child abuse or any other social and economic problem we humans face. Infact they are nothing when compared to problems the entire life system on the planet is facing. We need to be ashamed that we are endangering other innocent creatures in the name of better life for ourselves. (if you put one and one together, you would understand that every social and economic issue is directly or indirectly related to one or more eco-related issues). We cannot go back to cave living, but can definitely start with something small in our lives. The sense of accomplishment after one small change, is a great motivater in letting us take the effort a step further. All it takes is trying to use common sense and a little sacrifice (nothing major to begin with)

  source: UNEP
WED and the UN
Each year, June 5th is celebrated as the World Environment Day. This tradition was started by the United Nations. In the year 1972, June 5th was when United Nations Conference on the Human Environment began and was concluded on the June 16th. The first World Environment Day was marked for celebration on 5th June 1973.

United Nation has hosted this celebration in a different city each year. As part of the tradition, the theme, all Earth related, is different each year. (An interesting fact - It is Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere on June 5th).

WED 2010
Pittsburgh, USA is hosting the celebrations this year. The theme for 2010 - Celebrating the International Bio-diversity of life form (human, flora and fauna). -Many Species. One Planet. One Future - World Environment Day 2010

source: Youtube: UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Gisele Bündchen, supported by a global chorus of real people, brings the World Environment Day 2010 message of action to the world.

 It is another day to reckon, respect and realize what the planet means to every living form and make an attempt to reduce the harrasment we put Mother Earth through.

If these videos do not motivate you to make even a tiny change in your lifestyle for a safe planet, I am not sure what else would. Please share your views and your action plan for a better tomorrow. Let everyday be an Earth Day and a World environment day. Let us celebrate Life and the Silent Support System - Mother Earth!!


Sathya 5 June 2010 at 16:10  

Good one Sudha...lets hope all care for the mother earth & lets make this environment a better place to live. Cheers....

Sudha 5 June 2010 at 16:11  

Glad u like the idea and share similar views

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