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>> Tuesday, 9 June 2009 is plagued with a lot of problems...genocides in Srilanka, capital punishment in Iran and what not....we need to do something about everything...but need to start small. Though I would want to contribute, will work for something keeping my limitations in mind.....

For all those who use plastic, styrofoam and anything non-biodegradable and wash off your guilt saying "I RECYCLE" is a news flash......

Technologies associated with recycling are at a nascent stage. More than 90% of the plastic or associated products produced are not recyclable. All the packaging, coffee cups, takeaway containers, milk cans, yogurt containers etc end up as landfill. For the rest of the 10% which can be recycled, believe me it is worthless. Recycling is labour intensive, time consuming and a strain on natural resources........simple living is the key...we could start by not using or asking for plastic shopping is a problem which has already gone beyond our control..there is point in time when everyone of us can start with something within their means and support significant, serious measures to save the planet...DO IT IF U LOVE YOUR CHILDREN...refusing one bag a day could make a huge difference!

Thanks to our excessive consumption of anything and everything, we end up producing in excess. Overproduction is does not mean "productivity" or just mean we are straining our planet more than necessary. Another way to look at it would be....more plastic use means more crude oil consumption for a not so useful reason...that means pricier fuel and higher cost of at least this argument should hold for those who care less for anything to do with glaciers, global warming or marine life....least of all their own life

Social responsibility is a necessity and not a choice. I think twice before I buy something and look at the value chain for the product I consume. I am yet to verbalize my POV on this. However, there is one thing I am sure most of us dont know. Corporate World has to contribute its share to saving the planet. among the number of ways required, one is to account for the damage their business exerts on the environment. It is called environment accounting. Though I am a finance major in my MBA, I cannot ignore this aspect as an expense on the Balance sheet. For me it is beyond that. It is in the true sense, the seriousness shown by a business or an industry in accounting for the damage their operations cause the environment. In short, it is the total environmental impact of what goes into producing, packaging, stocking, selling, consuming, and finally disposing a product or service.  Even if it is considered via this angle, over production and devaluation of products and services is not an indicator of "GROWTH"...definitely not.

Every individual needs to make the right choices and learn about their impact on the environment. It is the only way we can help ourselves. On a personal level, I have been striving to live life as green as possible thanks to my faith in what a great man once said :

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." -
Mahatma Gandhi


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Thank you Green Bag Lady
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