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My two cents- for the environment

>> Thursday, 4 June 2009

Among all the other things I try doing to do my bit to save the environment, air/sun drying my laundry is one of them. Although it seems like a small thing to do, I was overwhelmed by the amount of CO2 emitted by a standard laundry dryer. I am writing in the context of USA because I am living here as of now. I hail from India and sun dying your clothes is a normal thing there. However, lack of space (apartment dwelling), climatic conditions (most part of the country) make it impossible for people to depend on the SUN's rays to dry their clothes. People living down south could definitely give it a try. I try washing most of my clothes in a bucket, in my bathroom tub. But the process is a bit tedious and is taking it's toll on my injured shoulder. Result is the occasional guilt ridden use of the washer. I have been trying to convince myself of the water saved while running a full load to set off the CO2 emissions (by a washer).

An average American family of three uses the dryer four hours a week. Replacing use of your dryer with a clothes line will reduce your household carbon dioxide emissions by 1,247 pounds per year. (Assuming you use your dryer four hours per week. (source:

My solution was a clothes drying rack/stand from IKEA. This in fact replaced my old stand which broke a few days ago. I love crisp sun dried towels for my bath. :-)

I have re-purposed used milk cans and yogurt containers as planters. it was fun to request friends to donate their discards. It was worth the effort...


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