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How GREEN can we be?

>> Thursday, 5 February 2009

I have been on a constant quest to find a sane answer to this question. Since high school, I have been trying to think of ways and means to reduce my carbon footprint. It took me some time to realize I could not "change the world" all by myself. I continue to keep a check on what I buy, what I do and how I could work on making my activities more greener.I have grown to be more tolerant with the non green earth inhabitants around me...however, like any true blood revolutionary, I do continue to crusade!

As they say, to each his own. As of today and right now, I am still not sure as to how I could contribute to the greater good. I make sure I pick up ideas on my way from everyone around me. Ans surely feel that may be I dont have much to contribute....why else would it be that I am unable to make a significant change....Days pass by and my doubts remain....

i see around me and a few like minded crusaders keep me afloat....i was very happy to read this
but the proportions to which this has blown, current levels of awareness and efforts by a select few is not enough......


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Thank you Green Bag Lady

Thank you Green Bag Lady
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