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Visit to Asel Adams Museum

>> Sunday, 11 March 2007

Now ....getting to some serious topics......last week I had been to Peoria, the Ansal Adams museum....felt good about the drive out of the can know more on Ansal Adams....@....

As such US is a baby city , mana bhagyanagar is a lot older than this country itself....FYI...hyderabad, is 400+ years old city....infact to see and get a feel of how antique places/things in India can be, visit my sasuma's blog...

...and u'll see what I mean...

Now coming to US history.....Native Indians are the natives of this part of the continent....the rest of them have their roots in Europe and Africa, so they are as good as we can be..... just that they landed here a few years before we did........Its a different feel to see how things belonging to the 1800's are considered old and antique family must be having nick-nacks which are older than that in my family home in kumbakonam......

I shall talk more about US history in days to come....The Ansel Adams museum was were good. The photographer has managed to capture the hues and colors of US during his time.......looked more like our max meuller bhavan and a display of a set of pictures......dont mean to sound overtly critical but thats true.....I dont want to get to being cynical about how things are not taken care of in India.....coz I am working towards that and will do it some day very soon.....I have seen most of my friends and family visit a foreign land and end up saying...WE HAVE MORE HISTORY IN INDIA...arre haan bhai! we do, to come to think of it, how much of our time goes into creating a website or say spend our earnings to atleast send ur parents to those places in India...or in promoting our art / crafts...that helps not, now i dont want to be the granny....we are smart enuf to think of ways to improve things..just that we dont have TIME to spare........for things beyond our

That reminds many of us think, leave alone doing anything, about conserving water, electricity or say even the pollution in general, the simplest thing we can do is to start taking our own shopping bag, and refuse to buy veggies in extra polythene packing, we can do atleast that!..............the person at the counter will not kill u if you refuse to take their plastic bags......thats basic we can do to not suffocate our EARTH with non-biodegradable stuff..all complain but few have the TIME to think constructively...we need to wake u before its too late.....our planet is what we have on loan from our future generations.........WE DONT OWN IT.............give this a thought..........better than wasting time on vetti paychu.


Praveena 13 March 2007 at 02:30  

same feeling yennake kuda.. !!

Praveena 5 May 2007 at 02:32  

ur comment has got deleted by mistake.. due is this damn touch pad.... :(

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